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Oblivia_11 a free VJ loop
Free VJ Loops

Free Oblivia VJ Clip

Every time we deliver a reward, there are often many intriguing shots left in the 3D scene. This time, a shot that captivated us was this dolly-in motion, capturing the vastness of the hall, the stillness of the artifact, and hints at what lies beyon.

A woman figured huge relic suspended in mid air and flashing with lights
Superfan Rewards

Oblivia VJ Clips & Tutorial

This month’s reward for superfans on Patreon is Oblivia – a mysterious relic that emits light, captivating onlookers and causing them to instantly forget about its existence.

Sci-fi device
Superfan Rewards

CoreTech VJ Clips

This month on Patreon, superfans receive a sci-fi device consisting of beat-synched coils and humming grills. This device will enable them to transform their event into a futuristic, sci-fi-themed environment.

tutorial explaining how to tell visual stories in a VJ performance
VJ Tutorials

Telling Visual Stories

VJ sets should develop through time. This showcase is a breakdown of how 5 clips can tell a story and why you should tell visual stories, as all.