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VJing is the interpretation of music into Visuals, done live by a VJ and projected on big screens in musical venues. 

VJ is a human that mixes Visual Content (such as pre-made video content, live camera feed, real-time computer generated source, etc.) doing it in a live manner (meaning that he is triggering the content when he feels like it), improvising to the soundtrack of a DJ.

You can find VJs in Clubs, Bars & Festivals, leaning on their computers, desperately seeking for the next Visual content that would visualize the up & coming Beat Drop.

A Beat Drop is the part in Electronic Dance Music track where the music suddenly gets intense. It usually happens after a part where the music is building-up to this moment by adding complexity.

The Beat Drop is the part where the crowd goes crazy, letting go of the energy that accumulated inside them during the build-up part.

A VJ needs to visualize this change and should never miss a Beat Drop. (unless intentionally)

A video codec is software that compresses or decompresses digital video. “Codec” is a concatenation of “encoder” and “decoder”

The DXV Video Codec is a hardware (GPU) accelerated codec. The decompression of the video frames is done directly on the video card. This enables much higher resolutions and frame-rates with much lower CPU and RAM usage.

The DXV codec can also store an Alpha Channel. This is essential for preserving transparency in complex video compositions, freeing you from the need of using Blending Modes in order to compose clips on top of other clips thus making your output look cleaner & sharper. 

Supported Software: Resolume & Grand VJ

Visualizing Music and Amazing the Crowds, of course!

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