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VJing can be much more than just abstract visuals. Adding theme visuals to your mix will help you Capture the Viewers, make Unforgettable Shows & get you More Bookings.

Ready To Your Viewers?

Is your Mix interesting? Does it capture the viewers? Will people talk about your show?

Keep On Bringing New Content

As a Visual Performer, you have to keep bringing new looks to your show, you can’t play the same stuff over & over again, can you? You’ll be replaced at some point if you do. So you either make new content yourself or buy new content. 

The Problem With Playing Just Abstract Visuals

But most of the content out there is abstract visuals. It’s those shapes again: triangles and squares. And circles. And tunnels made of these shapes. They may be different in color, with a different animation, or texture, but it’s basically the same thing – just in different wraps. But there’s more to visuals than just being pretty, or move in synchronization with the music – that’s something a screen saver could do.

Humans Are Wired To Connect With Stories

When you play image after another image, the viewer (your viewer) makes a connection between them. After all, stories have been around for ages, ever-since we’ve sat around the fireplace waiting to be led by the tribe’s story teller to fantastic places. 

Storytelling With ‘Theme Visuals’

If you play just abstract images, this connection, this ‘Story’, doesn’t last long and the viewer loses her attention. But if you supply the viewer with something a bit more meaningful: a character, a surrounding world, a binding Theme, the viewer takes these clues and starts building with them a story. Just like the Tribe’s Story Teller, you can lead your viewers to fantastic places – If you’ll add Themed Visuals to your Mix.

Connection Is Everything

When people connect with your visuals they come to your booth & tell you they like it, they tell other people they like it. The word gets to the promoter, he likes it, too. Has anyone came to you and told you your visuals are great? Would you like that to happen again?

Don’t just play abstract visuals like most VJs do. Add Themes to your show – and create Stories that will connect with your viewers and take them through an Unforgettable Experience! 

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One part is having Amazing Visuals, the other part is knowing how to mix them together.

One part is having Amazing Visuals, the other part is knowing how to mix them together.

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