Creating The OrnaMental Look – Live After Effects Tutorial

In this Live Stream I’m showing you the techniques we used in order to create the OrnaMental VJ pack. So many of you have asked us how to make it – and this Tutorial is for all of you who wrote comments, DMs and love letters.

It was originally streamed on YouTube

I’m using After effects + the Element 3D plugin, and some basic Illustrator skills.

The Chapters

The Tutorial spans over 3 hours, jump to these TC to get to the relevant part:

  • 00:54 Why We Created this Tutorial
  • 04:12 The Final Clips in Resolume
  • 09:46 The Seed Of Life Mandala
  • 14:43 Project Overview
  • 25:00 Creating The Basic Shapes
  • 37:23 Extruding The Objects
  • 52:54 Building The Mandala
  • 1:15:51 Animating The Mandala
  • 1:32:42 Creating Textures
  • 1:50:14 Animating Textures
  • 2:26:30 Camera Angles & Render Settings
  • 2:40:18 Fun in Resolume ))
  • 2:53:31 What’s Next?

Tutorial Notes

  • Learn more about Shape Layers in this awesome YouTube Tutorial by ukramedia
  • Learn how to make the Liquid Blobs in this great YouTube Tutorial by ECAbrams 
  • Don’t copy one style – steal the techniques of several artists as explained in the book Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon 

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