Creating The Egyptian-ankh Deck On Resolume

•• This is the second Resolume Deck I’m creating  for the Expanse VJ Pack. Watch the Samoan one, too. ••

Hi there, Wicked Visual Performers! I’m sharing with you the process of how I build the Ankh Deck on Resolume for the upcoming Expanse pack – and hope that watching me do the work will inspire you to build decks of your own. As the saying goes: Sweat More In Preparation And Bleed Less In Battle.

These will be an optional add-on to the Expanse pack that can save you time. I just recorded myself creating it and tried to speak my thoughts out loud – so you can not only learn how I do things but also why I do them.

So this is the Ankh Deck, and again, it took me some time in complete focus to build it, but after it was made I felt so confident – knowing that no matter where the music will take me – I got so many prepared variations – that I can visualize it comfortably. 

Creating The Egyptian-ankh Deck:

OK, I hope you’ve learned some new tricks toady and became a better VJ, cause we can always get better. 

If you haven’t watched how I build the Samoan Deck go watch it, too. 

The Expanse pack will be released tomorrow, what an excitement ))

•• Update: The Expanse Pack has been released – go grab it here: Expanse VJ Pack ••