One Clip into Wave-Tiled Backgrounds inside Resolume

This Resolume Tutorial is all about taking one loop and creating tiled backgrounds out of it. Download this Loop on our Free Sample Loops page and follow this tutorial on your machine!

In this Tutorial I’m using Resolume’s Linear Cloner Effect, and by stacking it up with more copies I’m able to created seamlessly tiling background. I use another feature of the Linear Cloner – the Delay (available on Resolume v7 and above) to delay the clones and create a kind of a wave pattern that runs on the tiled background. Once I get the effects stacked in the right order I’m able to copy the effect stack and paste it to any other clip.

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Hope you learned how to tile like a boss! For more VJ tutorials check our Tutorials page. If you found this tutorial useful share it with your VJ peers and let’s push our VJ scene forward together!