Low Poly Lion VJ Clips & Tutorial

•• Update: This VJ clip reward is now part of the Visual Bites VJ pack ••

This month’s VJ clip reward for our supporters on Patreon is the Low Poly Lion (*roar*). Check it out:

Available To Superfans On Patreon

Last month, we started the STVinMotion Membership on Patreon. The membership was made to enable fans to support us with a small monthly amount – showing their appreciation for the knowledge we share and the VJing tutorials we make. This was an awesome opportunity to reward fans who support us with a monthly VJ clip from our private stash.

The Low Poly Lion is 4 clips, in 1080p DXV with Alpha transparency and in MP4 on black background.

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How To Use The Clips On Resolume Arena

Here’s a short overview explaining the purpose of each one of the 4 clips, proposing mixing ideas and touching on stylizing options.

You get this Resolume composition, too – when you join our Patreon Membership. 

Creating The Low Poly Lion

The Lion was inspired by a Logo that I saw on Facebook. I HAD to check if I can create this Low Poly Lion right inside the Element3D plugin – with nothing but… Primitive Triangles. (ok, we got two spheres there, as the Eyes, too, but that’s it).

I opened After Effects and the Element3D plugin and started adding triangles from the primitive shapes that are available in Element3D. I was working in symmetry – adding, positioning and scaling triangles and finally managed to create the Lion that you see.

Animating The Low Poly Lion

The next step was to animate that Lion. I kept the basis of the Lion’s face static and grouped the triangles that create its mane into groups that will move together. Each group got a channel out of the 10 available Auxiliary channels. I then added rotation key-frames to the groups to move the mane’s parts in a short sequential wave that will look great when played on the beat.

Next I added a camera and a wiggle – so that the Lion will look as if it’s moving slightly in space, and exported the clip to test how it looks in Resolume.

Testing It In Resolume

It looked great! I had a Lion in the center and its mane was moving on the beat and I was so happy I made it happen.

I then had the idea to create two Lions behind it – on both sides. So I went back to After effects, added another camera that’s roughly 45 degrees to the right side of the Lion – so that I have a Lion that is looking to the left. I exported this clip, too, imported it to Resolume and moved it to the left side of the composition and added a mirror – to create two lions that look to both sides. I composed it with the original Lion that was centered and there it was: a beautiful, audio-reactive 3 party Low Poly Lion array. I played with colors – giving different colorizations to the center and sides and by triggering the clips in different timings I had them animated to different beats.

Forgotten Treasure

I loved the outcome and was pondering the creation of a whole Low Poly Creatures VJ pack in the future – but never got to it. Should we create a whole VJ pack in this style? Let us know in the comments.

Releasing As Patreon Reward

In the process of releasing this clip to our Patreon supporters, I realized that it would be useful to have two more variations of the Lion: Idle (the lion is just chilling – good for the breaks) and, Head-banging (the Lion is banging to different sides – good for the drops).

So, in total we made 4 clips:

  • Idle – the lion is just chilling.
  • Beat – the Lion is beating.
  • Beat Side – the Lion is beating to the side (for compositing later in Resolume).
  • Accent – the Lion is head-banging.

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