Enhancing VJ Clips

Instead of creating VJ clips with built-in effects, consider applying these effects right inside Resolume Arena. To make sure your effects sync to your clips use the Clip Position mode w/ Envelope keyframing.

The Benefits Of Applying Effects In Realtime

While creating the Metaverser reward for Superfans on Patreon, I realized that I’m better off delivering VJ clips that users could enhance inside Resolume Arena while performing, than delivering VJ clips with the effects built-in.

Being able to add effects on top of our VJ clips in a precise way, right inside Resolume Arena, can simplify the creation process of content – we don’t need to choose the exact effects that we’ll apply on our clips while creating them. Doing so makes our clips more versatile – we can use the “clean” clip, or apply various effects on them – depending on the event style / music genre.