How to Colorize with Palette in Resolume Arena

Colorizing and controlling the colors in our shows is such an important aspect. You can change the mood of the event in a blink of a button, make people feel totally different emotions, and when done correctly – in harmony with the lighting, it can make or break an event.

In this tutorial you’ll learn a simple yet powerful way to colorize your visuals inside Resolume Arena.

Colorizing is a delicate job – you shouldn’t overdo it, or you might create a color-salad. That’s why I’m using the tried-and-true harmonious color schemes found on Adobe’s Color wheel webpage. Utilizing the colorize effect with a palette is simple and you can add a Hue Rotate effect to control the outcome with ease. You can colorize the whole composition, a layer, or even just a clip. You can add the Levels effects before & after the colorize effect to tweak the result even more.

Useful Timestamps

  • 00:00 What You’ll Learn
  • 00:45 Color Wheel Harmonies
  • 01:07 The Colorize Effect
  • 01:55 Saving Your Preset
  • 02:15 Connecting Knobs to the Hue Rotate Effect
  • 02:45 How Rotate & Scale Work
  • 03:12 Adding Levels For Greater Control
  • 4:11 Get Premade Harmony Presets
  • 04:40 Colorize Your Layers Instead Of Composition
  • 06:19 The OrnaMental II VJ Pack

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Make it a colorful world! Colors are mood, feelings and even branding. I hope you’ll use them wisely and amaze your audience!