The Radial Cloner Tutorial – How To Create a Visual Diversity in Resolume VJ Software

A new & amazing Radial Cloner effect has just been added to the v.6 Resolume VJ Software (v.6.1.3 and above). In a nutshell, the effect let’s you clone your clips on a Radial path – but this is just the beginning of so many looks you can achieve…

In this Radial Cloner Tutorial you’ll learn how to clone elements and turn them into intricate & beautiful new looks:

  • (03:09) Overview on the Basic and Advanced parameters. 
  • (13:31) How to clone element loops into interesting Radial Cloner Looks.
  • (30:38) How to Layer & Compose these cloner looks into appealing compositions that can be triggered in one click. 
  • (33:23) How to Arrange these compositions on the deck so, while performing, you could trigger a Whole Composition or Jam between the different clips/layers.

“The possibilities are endless – once we go into cloning mode… So, strap in to your seats, and let’s start cloning!”

Tutorial Links:

  • Download 2 free loops (incl. 4 Elements) of the Steampunk Vision II pack – on our Free Sample Loops Page.  
  • Watch our favorite Live DJ Feed Boris Brejcha’s sets on YouTube
  • Download the Free Deck (You’ll need to link the Free Loops to this deck on Resolume).
  • Purchase the complete Steampunk Vision II VJ loops pack.

The Cloners' Origin

The Radial & Horizontal Cloner Effects were originally developed by Hive8 as external 32bit plugins for Resolume v.5 (and below). I liked these plugins so much that I included them as part of the Vectorius Tutorial

Oh, The Possibilities!

When I started the creation of the Steampunk Vision II VJ pack, and while testing & cloning the forming loops in Resolume, an idea hit me: in addition of making the 30 Core loops, I could also make Element loops – these elements will be designed to perfectly clone with the Radial & Horizontal cloners and will serve as the ‘building blocks’ of much complex looks. This will make the pack more modular, easier to fit any composition size & mapping friendly. And that’s exactly what I did – 30 core loops & 30 element loops.

Rebirth Issues

When the 64bit Resolume v.6 software was released, all 32bit external plugins had to be re-written, incl. the Radial & Horizontal Cloners, of course.

It was an an emotional roller-coaster, with a quick 64bit beta version that made me optimistic, but followed by some nerve-wrecking time with delays in the official release. 

A Happy End

Luckily, we have a happy ending now, thanks to the immense devotion of the Resolume team – who took these external plugins under their wings, improved them and added them as Native Effects to the Resolume VJing Software. We can now be confident that the cloners will keep on evolving & will always be there for us, no matter what updates are made to Resolume. Yay! Happy endings are the best. ))

What Do You Think?

Are you happy as I am with the improved Cloners? What do you think about the techniques shown in this tutorial? Are you going to incorporate the Radial Cloner into your mix? Tell me in the comments below…

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