Tiki VJ Clips & Tutorial

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This month’s VJ clip reward for our supporters on Patreon is the Tiki Mask. Check it out:

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The membership was made to enable fans to support us with a small monthly amount – showing their appreciation for the knowledge we share and the VJing tutorials we make. This was an awesome opportunity to reward fans who support us with a monthly VJ clip from our private stash.

The Tiki Mask is 3 clips, in 1080p DXV with Alpha transparency and in MP4 on black background.

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Overview In Resolume

Here’s an overview explaining what can be done with the 3 Tiki clips, colorizing ideas and animation inside Resolume with the Envelope feature. 

You get the Resolume composition I’m showing in this overview, too – when joining our Patreon Membership.

Creating The Tiki Mask

The Tiki Mask was inspired by a Surfboard that I saw someone walking-with on the beach. The surfboard was, so I realized later, decorated with Hawaiian Tiki art.

I could just have a glimpse of it and couldn’t take a photo for reference – but, trying to find that surfboard online, I found that “Tikis are spiritual figures who use their big, scary mouths and menacing expressions to frighten away evil”

The Tiki Mask was created from shape layers in Illustrator then brought to After Effects and placed on solid layers as masks. These solid layers were configured as custom layers in the Element3d plugin and were extracted to create the 3D model.

Animating The Tiki Mask

I then took the parts that I wanted to move back and forth – on the Z axis, and designated them to different Auxiliary channels, then animated – with keyframes – the parts in an 8 sec clip – 120bpm.

Next I added a camera and a wiggle – so that the Tiki will look as if it’s moving slightly in space, and exported the clip to test how it looks in Resolume.

Testing It In Resolume

I rendered a test clip and tested how it looks in Resolume with some tribal music. It was fun to watch. 

As I did with the Low Poly Lion, I thought that it would look awesome if Tiki had two more Tikis on both sides – so I duplicated the After Effects composition, and moved the camera to the side – to make it look like Tiki is facing the side.

I rendered it out and, back in Resolume, moved the Side-Tiki to the right and added a mirror to turn the clip into two Tikis on both sides.

Adding the original Tiki at the center, I now had a wild-bunch of Tikis – bouncing on the beat.

Next was finding different styles – I used a stack of effects incl. Colorize (with a palette), Hue Rotate, Levels, Glow (with the Blur effect), Bloom & Edge Detection.

I learned a while ago that if I create a colorful clip in After Effects, and the palette is diversified – I can always tone down the colors in Resolume by reducing the Scale parameter on the Hue Rotate Effect.

Releasing As Patreon Reward

In the process of releasing this clip to our Patreon supporters, I rendered another Tiki when the Camera is at a fontal Low angle. It will look awesome on the screens – as if the Tiki is at an angle to the crowd.

So, in total we made 3 clips:

  • Tike 01 – Tiki from Front.
  • Tiki 02 – Tiki from the side.
  • Tiki 03 – Tiki from the font in a low-angle.

Oh, you get the Resolume Project with all the variations, too! It’ll save you time setting the clips up, and might give you ideas on effect stacks you can apply to other clips.

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