Creating The Samoan-Mask Deck on Resolume

Hey there, Zealous Visual Performers! I’m sharing with you the process of how I build decks in Resolume for the upcoming Expanse pack – and hope that watching me do the work will inspire you to build decks of your own. Cause, Preparation Is Half The Battle Won.

As I was anyhow about to build these decks (these will be an optional add-on to the pack that can save you time) I just recorded the sessions and tried to speak my thoughts out loud – so you can not only learn how I do things but also why I do them.

The first deck I built was the Samoan-mask Deck, and yes, it took me nearly 2 hours to build it, but it needs to be done only once, and then – when the beat will drop – you will be ready to visualize it. 

Creating the Samoan Deck:

The next deck will be the Egyptian Ankh. It’s live now, go watch it!