About Us

We are completing each other, and together are greater than the sum of our parts.


Steve Kislov

Steve is a content creator. He likes to get inspired, get really enthusiastic about a project, check if it’s doable by making the first few loops and amaze himself with the outcome. But then he gets inspired again, with a different project and have to test if it’s doable, too. 

Not diagnosed as ADHD in early age saved him from the prescription drugs – something he substituted with psychedelics. He is proud that he didn’t finish high-school and succeeded escaping the 9 to 5 work-matrix. 

He is a self-taught kind of person that likes to share his knowledge with others in order to spread his love for Visuals and push the VJing scene forward.

Nadya Abra

Nadya is an Illustrator and 3D Modeler. Coming from a scientific background (chemistry), she sees things in a micro-molecular way, and everything to her can be put into a chemical reaction – such as the reaction between live visuals and the audience’s imagination.

Seeing the big picture she navigates towards development and goal achievement, bringing a precise touch to the artistic vibe of the company. 

She is the one that focuses things and pushes to finalize and release projects – taking in consideration that her partner has an ADD issues – it’s a vital part of getting the VJ loops see the light of screens.

Back in 2012, we left the bounds of the inhabitant, routine life, in search of a nomad, more adventurous path. Since then we are “in Motion”, traveling throughout the world, we get inspired by people we meet along the road, places and sights we experience and cultures we clash into.

The VJ Visuals here are the fruits of our journey. Each Motion Loops Pack was made in a different setting, surrounded by different people, colors and music.

The journey continues throughout time and space. The only constant is… CHANGE.

At the moment we're in...