•• Update: this reward is available now as part of the Metaverser VJ pack ••

This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is RoboPup, check it out:

Available On Patreon

RoboPup is a set of 9 VJ clips, in 1080p & 2160p DXV. It includes 9 clips of the RoboPup in various animations as Idle, headbanging, and laser eyes, so you could create versatile mixes and visualize the different parts in the DJ set. Available throughout 30th April to superfans on Patreon.

Superfans also get a bonus Resolume Arena project that lines up all the clips in order, with mask mode clips, variations, coloring options, twitch effects that emphasize the headbanhing/laser-eyes and other goodies. More on that in the overview below.

How To Mix RoboPup On Resolume Arena

Showing you some of the tricks you can pull with RoboPup’s Arena project – the clips, the mixes, mask mode magic, twitch on the lasers/beat, colorizing options, and more.

Creation Process

RoboPup was created by kitbashing parts of the Liv – SpecOps 3d character. I started by separating the parts in Blender, imported them to Unreal Engine, did some kitbashing until I was happy with the current composition.

The first clip I made was the laser-eyes one, using cylinder meshes as the laser beams. The second clip was the headbanging animation with having different parts emit on the beat (I already explained about the beat-emit technique in the Metaverser’s creation process post).

For the third clip I drew lines on the emissive materials – in order to get the glowing edges look. I took a while and was a totally wrong workflow – but the outcome is fire imo.

After I had the tough ones made it was time to make the easy ones that include the light reveals and light sweeps (also explained in the Metaverser’s creation process post).

The last two clips I created were close-ups of the head emitting while headbanging. I felt that the audience could enjoy a closer look at the RoboPup’s head – and especially while headbanging ))

Arranging the deck in Resolume Arena

RoboPup includes several clips that share the same animation – but have different materials. Using Mask Mode to slice through one material and reveal another was something that I planned. I’m really proud of how the glowing-edges material came out to be revealed by a mask (as shown in the beginning of the tutorial above).

I also copied the effects that emphasize the beat from the Metaverser’s project (explained in the Enhancing VJ Clips tutorial) to add more Oomph to the laser-shooting eyes and headbanging moments.

What's next?

I’m into characters next. Watching UE tuts as I’m writing these words. Gotta go now. Let me know if you have any feedback / ideas in an email to [email protected] or DM me on Patreon / Facebook / Instagram.

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