Cihuateteo Deity VJ Clips & Tutorial

•• Update: This VJ clip reward is now part of the Visual Bites VJ pack ••

This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is the Cihuateteo Deity. Check it out:

Available on Patreon

Cihuateteo Deity is a set of 6 VJ clips, in 1080p & 2160p DXV with Alpha transparency. The first 3 clips are variations of the same scene in different looks and the last 3 clips are the deity as element on transparent background.

You also get a Resolume Arena project that takes these 6 original clips and uses them to create many other variations & masking arrangements – all arranged in columns for easy triggering. 

The Cihuateteo Deity VJ clips will be available on Patreon until the 30th April 2022.

How To Mix The Clips On Resolume Arena

In this tutorial I’m sharing the reasons for making the 6 specific VJ clips, along with how I envisioned that they will be mixed.

Creating the Cihuateteo VJ Clips

After a lot of positive feedback from you guys on last-month’s Totem Pole VJ Clips, I felt that there’s a need for more of the Tribal themed VJ clips. 

The Cihuateteo Deity 3d model and other assets (wall reliefs, fire pit) were purchased online and then brought to Unreal Engine 5.

I then started building the room with it’s floor & relief walls and placed the fire pits. UE5 has an awesome fire-simulation built into it (that I used in the Arabian Nights pack and in the Tiger Mask reward), so the scene with the fire was quite simple to build – and was the first one I created.

I then went to create the Emissive version – that is easily achievable in UE5 using Lumen GI. Still, I had some issues with the emissive material creating some minor flickering – so I still need to check that RTXGI plugin that promised similar results in UE4.

I thought it would be cool to have particles coming out of the pits instead of the fire so I re-purposed a Niagara system that I used in the Totem Pole project and placed it above the pits. I then hit a wall, when realizing (again) that it, currently, seems impossible to loop Niagara particles in Unreal (if you know how – let me know!). So, what I did is a workaround – where the particles have a set lifetime of 3 seconds, I start emitting particle at the beginning of the clip (at TC 00:00) and  I stop emitting particles at the end (at TC 08:00) but keep on rendering the frames as the particles to nothing (at TC 11:00). I then, in After Effects, overlap the beginning (starting TC 00:00) – where the particles start emitting, with the end (from TC 08:00 to TC 11:00) and by using an additive blending mode (Lighter Color in this case) I achieved a seamless looping clip.

I then created the reveal clip – where point lights are lighting the scene in various ways – by animating the point lights with keyframes inside Unreal’s sequencer.

It was time to create the Element clips on transparent background and lastly I created the 6th clip which is the deity emitting particles (same trick to loop the particles as I did before)

I had the 6 clips ready and I went on to create the Resolume Arena project – as I describe in the tutorial above.

What's next?

Right now I’m pondering if to continue creating VJ clip rewards in a Tribal style or if to move on. Let me know if you have any feedback regarding this in an email to [email protected] or in a DM on Facebook or Instagram.

The important thing is to keep on creating and honing our skills as content creators and Visual performers. Amaze them!

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