Free Yantra VJ Loops From The Expanse Pack

•• Downloads are on our Free Sample Loops page  ••

Free VJ Loops! This time 2 samples from the upcoming Expanse VJ pack – in 1080p 60fps, and in DXV or HAP codecs.

Both of them are from the Yantra Scene. The first one is the Yantra made of Stone.

Here’s a preview:

The second clip is another version of the first one – only that here the Yantra is made of Dark material and its inner parts are colorful.  

Here’s a preview of this clip:

Serving Suggestion

As I showed on the Mask Mode Tutorial, by stacking both of these loops one on top of the other and adding a Mask Mode layer above them you can get some pretty awesome looks.

But don’t take my word for granted, you can try it on your own now: Download the Free Resolume Mask Mode Composition, Download & load these Yantra Clips to this composition and… go wild. Add effects to the layers to give the clips different looks and if you want some examples / inspiration watch the Mask Mode Tutorial

Of course, you can play only the Stone Yantra or only the Dark Yantra, depending on the style of music, event, lighting conditions and the format of your screens – we wanted to make this pack as diverse as possible for you.

The Pack's Release date: 15th October

Yes, months of creation and dedication are coming to an end in a climatic scene. This might be the end of our work – but it’s just the beginning for the Expanse pack in your trusted hands and into the souls of your audience.

The pack is made into 4 Scenes: Sree Yantra, Ankh, Samoan & Gothic. Each Scene contains about 20 clips – some of them are Full Screen – the complete scene in different animations, and some are Elements – parts of the scene that are separated on transparent background so you could compose your own scenes or re-position them according to your mapping setup.

Here are some full screen stills from those 4 scenes:

OK, I hope you’ll have some good time experimenting with these sample loops while we are getting ready for the release. 

Would love to hear your thoughts about these loops in the comments below.