This month’s Patreon reward features a standout Droid—big up for it:

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The Droid reward includes eight VJ loops showing the Droid in various actions—from stillness, where only light reveals it, to breathing, searching, walking, and yes, shooting lasers. These loops have transparent backgrounds, making them easy to integrate into your mixes.

The bonus Resolume Arena project file adds more effects and cloners, organized into columns to inspire and show what’s possible.

Creation Process

I’ve always been fascinated by robots, and spotting this Droid on Unreal Engine’s marketplace had me hooked instantly. The animations originate from the Giant Set: Motion Capture asset. I adapted these to fit the Droid by baking the animation into the control rig and then making corrections with an additional Additive control rig. Check out this process at [Time Code 32:55] on this excellent Tutorial by Rokoko.

For the most challenging loop, where the Droid shoots its laser, I crafted a cylinder to serve as a laser guide. Since Unreal Engine doesn’t render post-process’ Bloom in clips with transparency, making the laser appear thin, I took a different approach from my RoboPup project. I placed a light along the laser’s path in Unreal Engine to simulate the laser’s impact and glow, lighting up the Droid’s body. In After Effects, I manually keyframed a mask layer over the guide cylinder and applied Video Co-pilot’s Saber plugin to render a realistic laser. This method allows for artistic direction over the laser’s appearance, as I did in the CyberDevil reward.

Next up was the walking cycle. I slowed the Giant’s walking animations to match a 120 bpm speed, adjusting the Play Rate right from the sequencer (right-clicking an animation and setting its Play Rate). Just like before, I baked the adjusted animation into the control rig and used an Additive rig to adjust the Droid’s head and fix a hand that crossed over the leg.

With the pipeline now well-developed, producing the next loops—where the Droid breathes, searches, and is illuminated by lights—became more streamlined.

To expand the visual variety, I added a few side perspective VJ loops, rotating the Droid by 35 degrees within each sequence for a side shot effect.

Resolume Arena Project

The Droid VJ loops are rendered on a transparent background for easy mixing. The enhanced Resolume Arena project file includes these eight loops with additional effects and cloners, all organized to showcase potential mixes and spark creativity.

What's Next?

Maybe another mecha creature? Perhaps.

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