This month’s Patreon reward features Pantera—let it Meow!

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Dive into the Pantera reward, which includes seven VJ loops of Pantera in diverse actions—from a serene stillness lit only by ambient light to dynamic scenes of breathing, biting, and yes, shooting lasers. These loops are set against transparent backgrounds for seamless integration into your mixes.

The accompanying Resolume Arena project file takes these visuals further, enhancing them with additional effects and mirroring to craft ‘trimurti x3 figures’ compositions, all organized into columns to foster creative mixing possibilities.

Pantera will be available for superfans on Patreon throughout June 2024.

Creation Process

This round introduces the Mechanic Panther, a 3D asset I’ve had my eye on for a while. With my recent mastery of Unreal Engine’s control-rig setup, I was ready to tackle this challenge.

Rigging the quadruped Panther proved more complex than humanoid figures due to its animalistic limb movements. I began by adapting techniques from a T-rex Dinosaur Control Rig tutorial and integrated Full Body Inverse Kinematics (FBIK) rigging strategies from various tutorials.

Post-production saw the creation of laser effects in After Effects using the Saber plugin, a method similar to that used in the Droid VJ Loops.

Animations such as light reveals, breathing, and rhythmic biting were crafted to allow VJ sets to progress smoothly from slower, revealing loops to more intense, action-packed scenes when the beat drops. I also added side perspective loops, rotating Pantera by 35 degrees for each, to enable symmetrical x3 arrays in mixes.

Resolume Arena Project

Armed with both frontal and side perspectives and a range of animations, I’ve prepared suggestions for mixing these loops into captivating compositions. The Pantera VJ loops are rendered on transparent backgrounds, simplifying the mixing process.

What's Next?

Will the next series continue with character-based loops or perhaps shift to immersive fly-throughs? Stay tuned.

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