Visual Bites VJ Pack Released

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You’ve asked for it and here it is! Visual Bites is a collection of 12 VJ Clip rewards originally made for superfans on Patreon. By popular request we’ve gathered them into one pack.

Visual Bites Teaser

Showing the 12 rewards that make up the pack in 24 seconds:

Visual Bites Preview

All the 60 loops shown one after the other:

What's Inside

Optional Resolume Arena Project

This project is made of 12 decks – containing variations to the clips (made with effects as cloners, colorize, transform etc.), and arranged into columns (made of background/foreground layers) that expand the looks and mixes that you can get out of the original clips. 

To get the composition choose Resolume Composition: Included when you purchase the pack.

If you like these clips you should consider becoming a superfan on Patreon! Superfans support STVinMotion with a small monthly subscription and in return get awesome perks such as monthly VJ clip rewards, Arena project, early access to tutorials, and work-in-process updates.

No matter what happens, don’t forget this one very important insight: we were born to Amaze the crowds!
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