Vectorius Tutorial – How To Perform a Live Visual Show using Resolume VJ Software

The Vectorius VJ loops pack has just been relaunched & we have a special VJing Tutorial to show you how to get the most out of it – while mixing it live on Resolume VJ software.

In this tutorial we’ll cover:

  • (00:45) How to compose an appealing composition.
  • (03:45) How to create audio-reactive Accents.
  • (06:40) How to create clip variations using the Radial Cloner plugin.
  • (10:15) How to create clip variations using the Horizontal Cloner plugin.
  • (13:00) How to add further control over the clip’s transform properties using the FrParameters plugin.
  • (14:20) How to easily apply stacked effects to any clip.
  • (17:20) How to tweak colors and add a glow effect.

“So, we can mix them together, have new looks, have great compositions and above all – Enjoy Our Show”


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