•• Update: This VJ clip reward is now part of the Visual Bites VJ pack ••

This month’s VJ clip reward on Patrons is the Tiger Mask.
Check it out:

Available On Our Patreon Membership

The Tiger Mask is a set of 7 VJ clips, in 1080p & 2160p DXV with Alpha transparency. You get two looks/versions of the Tiger Mask – one is a reflective mask with Volumetric light rays and the other one is Wooden Mask with Fire as the light source. You also get a Resolume project that utilizes Resolume’s Mask Mode feature to create some awesome looks, and some cool compositions from the Element clips.  

The Tiger Mask clips will be available on Patreon for the next 3 months only.

Using Unreal Engine To Render VJ Clips

In this VJ Clips set I used the knowledge gained during the creation of the Arabian Nights VJ loops pack. Particularly the god rays look and UE5’s Fire simulation.

The Tiger Mask was imported into UE5 with the Datasmith plugin. For the first look I placed a spotlight behind the mask and added an Exponential Height Fog, then turned on the Volumetric Fog to achieve those light rays coming from behind the mask. In order to get some light reflected off from the mask I added two point lights – one in the front and another one in the back of the mask, then rotated them around the mask in an infinite loop.

I then duplicated the Level and made sure to not move the location of the camera or mask – so that this look will have the exact framing as the former one. I added the Fire on both sides and the flickering lights, and applied a glossy wooden material on the mask. For the background I had a niche wall from the Arabian Nights pack  that was just perfect – receiving the fire’s glow and adding some depth to this shot.

After these two looks were made I decided to go the extra mile and render the mask on transparent background – so you could use them as Elements and be able to clone, scale, move and do whatever you feel like with them inside Resolume. I duplicated each level and removed the background. I had the frontal shot already and added another shot from an angle so you could compose a middle Tiger Mask and two side Tiger Masks easily inside Resolume. 


I feel that after a looong learning curve (getting to know UE5 and it’s quirks while creating the Arabian Nights pack), it’s finally time to unleash the power of UE5 and get some visuals made! Here’s to keeping on learning new tricks and getting more precise with turning our visions into visuals.

Amaze them! 🤘