Symbolica VJ Minipack Released

•• TLDR: Symbolica, a new 3-loops Mini-pack is out, I might do more of these. A bit about Why being focused is important (and why it’s difficult), How I approach the making of a new pack, and the Concept behind Symbolica ••

Watch a Preview Of Symolica's Loops:

It's All About Keeping It Focused

When I’m in the creation process of a VJ pack, I gotta stay focused on the mission and eliminate distractions.

But my Ape-mind tries to find always new stimulation and jumps from idea to idea as if it was swinging on a tree in the ideas-jungle. ‘These new ideas are awesome!’ (my ape-mind screams) ‘Gotta try them right away!’ Well, it’s a matter of priorities, ape-mind, (I tell myself) and The Mission – delivering a VJ pack that is consistent and coherent, (not to mention Amazing!) is above all.

So, I update my list of ideas, describe them as much as I can, add some visual reference (in case that was what ignited the idea), and go back into making the pack that’s important.

And then I deliver that pack (in this case the Steampunk Vision II) and I’m free to wander the paths of new Visual Ideas.

Expressing More Ideas

So, free from commitment (and a bit exhausted from forcing that focus), I’m trying this new path of creating Mini-packs: mostly 3-5 loops of specific looks from my notes, hoping it’ll help me express more visual concepts and shorten the gap between the inception of a new look to the creation and delivery to you, the Live Visuals Performers.

Making Visuals Under A Concept

When I’m planning a new pack, I usually ask myself: what is this pack about? And, What is the concept that I wanna serve to the viewers? I found that when I have a solid concept, ideas for new loops are generated and sorted easily: a new idea comes to mind and then it has to pass the concept test: is this idea in-line with the concept? Is it supporting the concept and expanding it? If not, then there’s not much substance to the idea and I move on to the next idea.

The Concept Behind 'Symbolica'

The concept beinde Symbolica was taking universal & ancient Sacred Geometry symbols and giving them a futuristic look and feel. (similarly to what I did in Future Tribe)

An interesting thing that fascinated me while making this pack, was the seam between Abstract Visuals (in this case very basic shapes as triangles, circles, crescents, plus & minus) and how abstract shapes can form meaningful symbols when they are joint together.

To add flair, I used Dark Glossy Textures with contrasting Fiery Light Streaks. The result is a perfect club burner, one that keeps the club relatively dark (we don’t wanna blind the viewers, right?) but will still color the scene with interesting light glows and will hypnotize the viewers with it’s primal symbols.   

Adding A Bonus To Help You Visualize

I made the three Symbolica loops to perfectly work as Elements – they never exceed the boarders of the screen, meaning you can duplicate them safety and create arrays or place them as element on different parts of your mapping setup.

But then I had the feeling that I could make another variation that would be more… Extreme – using the same Animated Symbols, but giving the camera a wider (wilder?) range to roam around, zoom in and out and deliver an overall ‘crazier‘ feel.

The idea is that you normally play the ‘calm’ loops and when the music gets really intense you can trigger the ‘extreme’ loops. Having this range of animation from Calm to Extreme should help you better Visualize the ranges in the music you are VJing to.

That’s all for today folks! I made Symbolica to help you Amaze the Crowds by communicating primal symbols of ancient Sacred Geometry and giving them a twist of new, sleek look. Bon voyage!