Steampunk Vision II VJ Loops Pack Released

The time has come! Months of Planing, Execution (don’t worry, nobody was killed), Fun-work & Hard-work, have channeled into this moment. And it’s Epic.

Nine To Rule Them All

Choosing the Nine Loops that will appear on the Pack’s cover is, I guess, like choosing your favorite offspring – it’s tough, each has it’s own Character. But I managed. Here it is:

Mission Possible

My main Mission in making this pack was to give you, Visual Performers, visual material that will Capture your viewers, that will Connect with them on an Emotional level and that will make them Feel.

Visuals That Make People Feel

These days, I see a lot of Abstract VJ Loop Packs that… do not make people Feel much. It’s Geometric shapes that are flashing and lighting and can create some nice lighting effects & Wow feeling for a short while…

But what about a Meaning? What about a Journey that enfolds through the night? The Theme of the event? Are the Visuals sending any unique Message to the viewers? Put it differently: Will people be Touched by your visuals and will Remember them tomorrow, too? Will they Talk about the Visuals they saw on your show? Will they Shoot Video’s and Share them proudly with their friends?

Become a Remarkable Visual Performer

I’m certain that with Steampunk Vision II people will rave about your show. I know it cause I had many VJs tell me about their experience Mixing the First Steampunk Vision Pack – about the feedback they got from people, from the Promoters and Production Teams. On how they turned to the Production Team with the Concept and together with them created an event that was centered around the Steampunk Theme.

“Will people be Touched by your visuals and will Remember them tomorrow, too? Will they Talk about the Visuals they saw on your show? Will they Shoot Videos and Share them proudly with their friends?”

These stories don’t happen much with Abstract Visuals, mainly because Abstract Visuals are… well, Amorphous. They don’t tell any particular story, the images don’t add up to a coherent experience and no one would say “I was yesterday in this Killer Abstract Party” – cause that’s not a remarkable thing. It happens too often and it’s not unique anymore. 

I’m promoting with this pack the idea of creating not just another Party or Event but about creating a Remarkable Event. One that is worth remarking on.

Watch A Live Mix Demo

And no Release is complete without a Preview Video that gives a glimpse of what can be done using the pack. Here it is:

This Live Mix Demo was recorded Live on Resolume Arena v.6. I had a lot of compositions & Variations to choose from and fit into One minute and 52 seconds.

What Are You Getting When Purchasing Steampunk Vision II?

  • The Pack: 30 Core Loops – just load them to your VJing Software and start layering and building a unique Steampunk World immediately. 
  • Bonus: 30 Element Loops – these are an expansion of the world created with the Core Loops. They are building Blocks that can generate so many more sub-stories. Use your Software’s Effects to move them around, duplicate them and create many more variations.

Available Resolutions:

  • 720p (HD)
  • 1080p (FHD) 
  • 2160p (UHD)

Available Codecs:

  • DXV Alpha Codec (for Resolume)
  • HAP Alpha Codec (for VDMX, Modul8, GrandVJ and other VJ Software)

Create a Transformation With Your Shows

Are you going to keep on playing Abstract Visuals and create Nice events that will be immediately forgotten? Or are you going to up your game, add Theme Visuals to your show, cooperate with the production team and create events that will be engraved into the minds and souls of the crowds?