Stage Design using the OrnaMental VJ Loops Pack Case Study

Check out this beautiful Stage Design setup, sent to us by Karan Sharma from Stereo OUT GFX in India, layering the OrnaMental VJ Loops Pack in a sophisticated way.

Let’s understand how this was composed: 

  • On top of the layer hierarchy is an arc-like layer, textured to imitate realistic stone. This layer is masking all the layers below it – making the screens look like they are gates – opening to a background.
  • Below that is an Ornamental layer that is pre-rendered to zoom-in endlessly.
  • Below that is an OrnaMental layer that is spinning without zooming.
  • The last layer is an OrnaMental layer pre-rendered to zoom-in endlessly.

Coloring the 2nd layer in Orange and the 3rd layer in Purple differentiates these layers against the stone-like gates by contrasting them. Leaving the last layer with its original white color creates another contrast from the back of the composition.

To give it all a last stereovision touch, a mirror effect is applied to the whole composition, making it a perfect symmetrical design.

It’s always fun to see someone doing creative use of STVinMotion visuals, we hope this case study will aid & inspire you in doing creative designs yourselves. Send us pics & videos of creative designs you did and inspire others!

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