SpaceJack Free VJ Loops

•• TLDR: I’m giving these 3-free VJ loops, (download buttons below) and sharing how they were created – along with images of the work in process ••

I’m having a lot of fun lately, free from commitment to the making of a complete VJ Loops pack (as I wrote about here), I’m trying new ideas, jumping from one look to another, and experimenting. Yay!

Here's A Preview Of The Free Loops:

The Making of These VJ Loops

While creating this look I shared images of the work in process on my Instagram Story and asked followers to tell me what they think and suggest edits. Creation was made in 3 intervals of 4 hours and is detailed below.

Hope you can learn from watching the creation process and get inspired!


It all started with a Pin Artwork by @rutherfordart that totally blew my mind. I had to try and make something similar in Virtual 3D space. What I liked about it was the extruded shapes, the sharp angles and the colors.

The First 4 Hours

I found an image with an outline I liked and, inside After Effects (AE), started drawing masks on top of it. These masks are configured as Custom Masks in the Element 3D (E3D) plugin, and create extruded models (inside group symmetry, of course. VJs love symmetry, right?)

When the modeling of the frame & Boxes was done, I added a few primitive shapes as Cones and Capsules – to give it some more detail and added colored textures.

I exported an image and asked followers to tell me if they would love using it as a stage backdrop, and to DM me if they had some advice. Then, I went to sleep.

Next 4 Hours

The morning after, people were really positive about it and gave some interesting feedback. I then continued with adding more details with more cones, capsules, spheres, duplicated the frame & boxes to create beveled outline, added two-color textures and Ambient occlusion.

I started animating by defining different boxes to different Auxiliary Channels inside E3D and keyframed them to move in & out on the beat. Exported a video and asked the story followers again for their opinion.

Final 4 Hours

Got some good advice from followers, made the center eye to pop out as well and even shoot light beams(!) Added scene lights and ray-traced shadows. The animation was OK, but a bit sterile imo, so I added a wiggle expression to the camera & the moving boxes, to give it all some random movement. Another 4 hours have passed by very fast – and it was done!

Mixing Tips

I made it into three loops: The main one – of the whole figure (it can be duplicated and arranged into interesting arrays, too), the second is a closeup of the eye inside the figure (you can mix between the main and the second to get a strong impact), and the third one is the eye as an element (you can move it around, duplicate it, place it in particular places in your composition and it will always look good). 

I used three main colors. You can, of course, change the colors by using the hue rotation effect inside Resolume. if you like it to be two colors or monochromatic use the hue scale property inside the hue rotate effect.


I had a lot of fun bringing to life this vision & learned many things while doing it. The best way to learn new stuff, gain confidence and eventually mastery is by doing stuff. Plus, I enjoyed connecting with other visualizers while creating it, hearing their feedback and incorporating parts of it into the final artwork.

“The best way to learn new stuff, gain confidence and eventually mastery is by DOING STUFF.”

I’m thrilled to be giving it to you as Free Loops, hoping  you will add it to your visual arsenal and VJing sets and be able to Amaze more Crowds! 

Below you can find previews and the download buttons for DXV and HAP codecs.


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm

Tell Me What You Think

I’ll be happy to hear your impressions once you perform with these loops: did the viewers like it? How did the audiance react? Did you enjoy playing it? and, do you think this kind of look has potential to become a whole VJ pack of its own? 😉 

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