Showcase: compositing Different Loops to create a New Look

I love it when people take our loops and compose them in interesting ways! Cause, playing the loops as are is fine, but making some new looks is FUN!

We received this beautiful example by Monsieur Nuage, made (among others) with this free loop out of the Tease Me pack. Projected and Mapped, down to the pixel, on a String ART Screen made by Mathilde Zigante at Run Deep Festival, in Lille, France.

It’s fun to see how he took this loop:

Then masked out the loop’s edges, rotated the hues in the eye’s iris & incorporated it into this new composition – creating a different look

This is how the String Art Screen looked like – without the projection:

And here is how it looked at the event:

I had so much fun seeing what Monsieur Nudge made with this freebie loop, and immediately felt an urge to send him out some more loops, this time from our private stash, curious to see what he might make with them…

We encourage you to send us videos, showing interesting ways of using our loops! Who knows, you might get lucky and receive some unreleased loops from our private stash!

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