Alienated is a collection of 3 Patreon rewards, totaling 19 VJ loops, and includes a bonus Resolume Arena project. The rewards consist of Alienated, Alienated Astromancer, and Alienated Psychonaut, along with their respective Resolume Arena decks. The decks are designed to save you time: inside, you’ll find the original clips already enhanced with effects, variations, color options, and neatly arranged into columns for easy triggering to create a beautiful mix.


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Alienated’s 19 Loops & Mixing Samples.


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Alienated Tutorial

Learn how to mix the Alienated VJ loops in Resolume Arena using accents, layering, applying effects, and more…

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Astromancer Tutorial

Learn how to mix the Astromancer VJ clips in Resolume Arena using Mask Mode, layering with elements, and more…

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