RoboDub VJ Clips

This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is RoboDub. Check it out:

Available On Patreon

RoboDub is a set of 3 VJ clips, in 1080p & 2160p DXV. You get an Emissive version (the emitting parts change with the beat), a Golden version (with a light swipe that reveals it), and a Plastic version (revealed by light and the eyes are beaming with light). It’s available now and until 31st October to fans who support us on Patreon.

While creating the clips I wend back and forth to Resolume’s Arena to check how they mix and what variations I can create. Fans get this very project, with a couple of useful Masks, some abstract looks that were created with cloners, and coloring variations – everything arranged into columns for easy mixing – just trigger a column or switch between clips on the foreground & Background layers.

How RoboDub came to be

I love Robots, Cyborgs & Mecha and am always leaning into making visuals of this kind, as I did in the packs Cyborgasm, Tease Me, and in the rewards Toy Robot & BeatBot.

I found the parts that make up RoboDub online, purchased and opened them in Cinema4d. I had to do some work of selecting the parts I wanted to separate, as the models weren’t having selection tags. I composed the head at the center, created the base that it sits on and the mecha parts in the back. I then imported this composition, incl. the selection tags into Unreal Engine 5, using the Datasmith plugin.

In UE5 I created 4 emissive materials that pulse on the beat in different colors and assigned them to the different mecha parts. Rendered a test clip and loved it!

In the next clip I felt like I wanted to experiment – and started applying Gold and Marble materials – that I downloaded and added to the project with the built-in quixel bridge. It was a fun process and it came out great. I then added some lights that, when moved, reflect interestingly on the gold materials. The lights sweep from below the model and all the way up – adding some mysteriousness to this clip, as well.

In the third and final clip I wanted to add some colors. I created a Split Complementary color scheme of Purple-Blue & Green on then, by copying the color codes into simple materials in UE5 and having the roughness set to 0 – created the Plastic materials.

Mixing in Resolume Arena

While creating the clips I went back and forth to Resolume’s Arena to check how the clips mix and what variations can be created. Superfans on Patreon get this very project, with a couple of Masks (slicing the upper layer and revealing the lower layer), some abstract looks that were created with cloners, and with coloring variations. Everything is arranged into columns where triggering a column yields a ready mix – composed by foreground & Background.

What's next?

More Robots! More Mecha! )) I’m actually thinking of making something spooky / scary / evil for next month – as Halloween will be celebrated on the 31st October. If you have any suggestions or idea let me know in a DM on Facebook / Instagram or email to [email protected]

And if you’re not a superfan on our Patreon page yet, consider joining! You’ll support our efforts of pushing the VJing scene forward while getting fresh clips every month as a reward.

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