Resolume v6 Beta Released

The Beta for v6 of the Resolume VJ Software Arena + Avenue was released last week with a Bang!

Check that pretty ‘What’s New’ video, made by the Resolume team, below:

Showcasing Resolume’s new features using the OrnaMental pack – how nice 🙂

I’ve been fiddling with the Beta version & here are my favorite new features:

  • Mask Layers
  • Envelope Animation(!)
  • Color Picker
  • Copy & Paste multiple Effects
  • Quick Search
  • Persistent Clips
  • Blend mode for clips
  • Update Clip Thumbnails
  • Flexible UI options.

For Mapping:

  • Layer Groups
  • Transform to Slices

Oh, and it’s a faster, more responsive, 64 bit engine.

Read the full Feature List.
More on Resolume’s Blog.

Many new features to incorporate into our workflow, indeed. I’ll continue to “Play around” with the upcoming updates of v6 and hopefully use the official Arena v6 on our next Tutorial! 

The download of the Beta version is available for all Resolume customers, log in to Your Account and hit the Download

Happy Mixing everyone!

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