How To Record Smoothly On Resolume Arena (And Why You Should)

Resolume v7.2 had finally nailed its Recording feature! If once we could record only a short mix, in the obsolete Photo-Jpeg codec and with dropped frames – now we can record much longer mixes, in DXV w/ Alpha(!) or even Prores codecs and it’s smooth, really smooth. 

In this tutorial you will learn Why you should use this feature, and How to make sure you use it right.

Tutorial Links

  • Vote to set the duration of a Recording beforehand – on Resolume’s Forum New Features.
  • Download the frame-count clips in 30fps & 60fps Here.
  • Purchase the OrnaMental II VJ Pack on our Shop.
  • Purchase prints of OrnaMental II on our Redbubble Shop

Recording Checklist

  • Use SSD drives to play-from and Record-to.
  • Play clips in DXV3 Codec, and record to DXV3 codec.
  • In case you are not sending a signal to a display – set the composition frame-rate to the clip’s frame-rate.
  • Optional: change the clips’ transport to Timeline to ensure smooth playback. 

Did this Recording tutorial help you see the potential in Recording your Mixes? In case you have any questions – you can ask them in the comments below.

I’m planning to make the next tutorial on the Render To File feature. Stay tuned!