This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is Psychonaut. Check it out:

Available On Patreon

Psychonaut is a set of 6 VJ clips, in 1080p & 2160p DXV. It includes the Psychonaut in several versions: revealed by lights, Frontal & Side shots, two elements and a wall background. It’s available now and until 28th February to superfans on Patreon.

Superfans also get a bonus Resolume Arena project that adds variations to the original clips and includes ready mixes arranged into columns.

Creation Process

This time I have been using assets from the Mummies, Control Screen, and Walls packs.

I started with the head inside the stand as the centerpiece, then had the idea of kitbashing some sort of arms on both sides to give it a mechanic feel. I tested some of the control screen assets, trying to make them look like arms. I turned the screens in those arms emissive, added a light at the back of each arm in order for them to light up the face when nearing it.

I then bashed another screen at the forehead cause I felt that something was missing there. I Added volumetric fog in excessive amount cause it makes things look immediately better – it defines depth so well, and adds mystery.

I then added a spotlight to light the Psychonaut from above, perhaps to give it a feeling of an artifact displayed in an Alienated museum.

I needed a background and tested some of the walls. Found one I liked and placed it at the back of the Psychonaut.

I animated the arms inside a new sequence and felt it was time to share the work in process with superfans on Patreon.

Creating The Clips

The first clip I made was a frontal shot of the Psychonaut. I then added a shot from the side as the second clip. I love creating a middle figure and two figures on both sides of it. Mirroring the side shot would create those two side figures.

The third clip was the light-ups; I animated 4 different lights: from up, from behind, from below and one that spins around. I then tested these clips in Resolume Arena and realised that, because of the excessive volumetric fog, the automask effect trick I used on Astromancer (that removed the background quite well there), didn’t work well with the Psychonaut. So I created 2 more clips that are pure elements with transparent background – to make composing it in Arena easy.

The final clip was just the wall – in order to have a background to compose the elements on. I animated a point light with a high source length that made it look like a long light, and made that travel along the wall.

Creating The Arena Project

It was time to arrange the messy deck I accumulated while testing the clips. The two elements I created were easy to work with, and I created some wicked backgrounds by applying all sorts of effects on the other clips. The afterthought wall clip turned out to be really useful in creating all sorts of wall arrangements and surprised even myself. I arranged everything into columns to make the suggested mixes easy to understand and be VJ’ed.

Naming It

All that time the Psychonaut didn’t even have a name. I created a poll on STVinMotion’s Instagram story and asked followers if it should be to named Psychonaut or Telemeister. Psychonaut got 70%. Both of the names came to mind because the Psychonaut has its eyes covered and it means that it doesn’t need to see in order to function – so Psychonaut is someone who travels into his own mind and Telemeister (meister is master in german) is the master of long distance.

I also made up some imaginary info about what Psychonauts are: Psy’nauts are volunteers who were turned into a brain-machine interface. In return for having their brains removed and put inside the machine they obtained visionary abilities that let them see to huge distances without eyes (hence the eye cover), navigation skills that let them navigate huge spaceships in the vastness of space, and immortal “life” made out of graphene. Was it worth it? None of them agreed to interview for this post, so we might never know. But we can psypeculate…”

What's next?

I’m feeling that the Alienated theme is forming into a whole pack. Next month’s reward will be part of the Alienated theme, as well.

As always, in case you have any ideas / suggestions for future rewards, hit me up with an email to [email protected] or in a DM on Patreon / Facebook / Instagram.