‘Expanse’ is made to Wow your audience. It takes your flat screen and expands it into a 3 dimensional space using illusions of lights and shades. It uses powerful symbols as the Yantra, Ankh, Anubis gods, Samoan & Gothic motifs and more, to connect into the Tribal DNA we all carry. It is certain to Amaze the viewers and to be the talk of the event.

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The ‘Steampunk Vision II’ Motion Loops Pack is expanding the Alternative Reality created in the first pack; with all-the-more weird & steamy innovations as the Armillary, Pipe Brain, Mechanic Butterfly, Clockwork Octopus, Steam Guitar & the Enchanting Seahorse; as well as Pistons, Hammers, Clocks & Gauges that add atmosphere to your, already smoky, event.


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SteamPunk Vision VJ loops pack cover


The ‘Steampunk Vision’ Motion Loops Pack delivers the look and feel of an alternate reality – where Steam Power is the main source of energy. This genre crosses age and music styles, and brings to life weird innovations that move in perfect coordination and blow smoke – how perfect for a smoky club!

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Ornamental Vj loops pack cover


The ‘OrnaMental’ Motion Loops Pack is inspired by Mandalas & Sacred Geometry. By using powerful symbols as the Eye of Providence, Yin&Yang, Hamsa, Seed of Life and more, it communicates with its viewers both in a visual appealing way and on a subconscious level.

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Vectorius VJ loops pack cover


The ‘Vectorius’ Motion Loops Pack is inspired by the Universe that surrounds us. From far-away galaxies and down to the molecular level, everything is spinning around and inside us, in a cosmic dance that is ancient and endless. VECTORIUS is colorful, crisp & minimalistic – leaving a lot of space for you to spin it around.

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The ‘Tease Me 2’ Motion Loops Pack is all about creating Harmony with perfect Coordination. Continuing Tease Me’s inspiration it takes a mellower form, giving the pure human body the respect it deserves.

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The ‘Tease Me’ Motion Loops Pack is asking: can Cyborgs be Sexy? Inspired by French Cabaret Dancers it takes the trade to a whole new dimension, where futuristic Cyborgs move in a coordinated sensual fashion, teasing the viewers, blurring the boundaries between Human and Machine.

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The ‘Cyborgasm’ Motion Loops Pack is a look into a possible near future, where humans upgrade themselves into Cyborgs. What will be the implications of such change? Will Cyborgs still be spiritual beings? What about their Sexuality? How are they born? The outcome includes Cyborgs that meditate, Tits that shoot energy pulses, and hi-tech lotus flowers that gives life, among others…

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Future Tribe VJ loops pack cover


The ‘Future Tribe’ Motion Loops Pack is inspired by ancient tribe art. The concept: what if these tribes had the technology we have today? What art would they create? What materials would they use? What figures would be sacred to them? The outcome is a Shamanic Colorful Future, designed to fit regular screens, as well as projection mapping setups, and will enable you to create your own Tribal Futuristic world.

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Loli Pop VJ loops pack cover


The ‘Loli Pop’ Motion Loops Pack is all about sweetness & fun. With bright colors, rounded edges and popping animation it’s a real eye-candy.

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Beat Reaction VJ loops pack cover


The ‘Beat Reaction’ Motion Loops Pack is an intergalactic message from a friendly Alien culture, describing exactly how to build the necessary gear for space travel. The message is encoded with strange text, runes, and blueprints and until it will be deciphered you can use it for your Live Visual shows – as it fits miraculously to the EDMs’ beats and style.

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Stripe Tease VJ loops pack cover


The ‘Stripe Tease’ Motion Loops Pack is an experiment in Matter Collision. What happens when you take colorful stripes, let them speed up and collide?… Very Colorful Explosions!

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