PopTrap Free VJ Loop

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Heya visualizers! We’ve got a free loop for you today 🙂 More about the Inspiration & Work Process below, but first – here’s a preview:

The Inspiration

I love venturing into styles that I don’t see much-of in the VJing scene and don’t come naturally to me. This, deeply disturbed VJ Loop, is the result of an electrifying urge I got in my brains while watching the artworks of Prateek Vatash on my Instagram Feed. (check out Vatash on Instagram)


Work In Process

Here are some WIP shots – where you can see how it starts, how I fight the negative voices in my head and how it shapes into the (almost) final result.


I usually keep these tryouts to myself, thinking I might come back to it in the future to make a whole pack out of it, but what usually happens is that a new shiny look comes to me and I have to pursue it… and so on 🙂 So, many of these tryouts don’t see the light of screen. 

Should We make it into a VJ pack?

So, I decided to release it for you to enjoy it. It’ll be awesome if you try it,  come back here and tell me how you feel about it, how did people react to it, and if you think that I should pursue a whole pack in this look.


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm

Why Two Versions?

  • PopTrap_01 is the complete loop incl. the gradient background. I think this background is an important part of the look, but it might be too much or too bright – depending on your setup. Plus, having it on transparent background can help you mix it better with other loops, that’s why 
  • PopTrap_02 is on Transparent Background. If you want to recreate this gradient background in Resolume you can do it easily by going to the Source tab, adding a Gradient, changing the Gradient type to Vertical and choosing similar colors as Color A & Color B.

OK, that’s it for today, I really got to go and focus on the Expanse Pack that Me and Nadya are currently working on – hopefully we’ll have some WIP shot of that to share with you soon.

If you are the curious type and want to see more of the WIP & updates in realtime – check out our Story’s Feed on Instagram & Facebook.  

Go & Amaze Them Crowds!

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