OrnaMental II VJ Pack Released

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So thrilled to release the OrnaMental II VJ Pack! So many of you loved the original Ornamental pack and we believe that this sequel is even better )) Imagine what you can do by playing both of them together…

Here it is:

OrnaMental II Preview

Watch a preview showing the OrnaMental II loops one after the other:

The Concept

The OrnaMental look is all about awakening the audience from their daily-life routine by exposing them to beautiful art made of ancient Symbols & strong Motifs. These Symbols are well known, and we use this immediate recognition – and build on top of it and take it a step further by recreating them in 3D space and by animating them with intricate patterns and gentle stippling.

The result is a visual style that might look simple at first glance – but as the animations unfold and the sheer scope of combinations that the symbols create between themselves is revealed – so does the attraction that the audience feel towards them and their marvel from it. 

We know that this pack will have such a strong impact on your audience because we got a LOT of amazing feedback from VJs like you that used the original OrnaMental pack. This made this pack to be even more amazing.

What's Inside

  • 30 VJ Clips
  • Bonus: 11 Element Clips

VJ Clips

30 VJ Clips are ready for you to just load them to your VJing software and start mixing.

Bonus Element Clips

11 Clips are here for you to manipulate them and create new clips from them. These clips are building-blocks for you to easily clone them & move them around. Place them in key areas of your mapping setup and watch them mesmerizing the audience. This expands the mixing possibilities by giving you a modular way of creating more clips.

30fps & 60fps Versions

You get the pack in both 30fps & 60fps. In case you are short on storage-space use the 30fps as they weigh half the 60fps clips. The 60fps clips will look better if your screens support higher refresh rate, plus – you can always slow the clips down and still maintain a decent frame-rate.

Optional Resolume Composition

We made the VJ Clips & Element Clips in OrnaMental II to be as modular as possible. This optional Resolume composition is summing-up many hours of us playing with the clips and creating interesting and appealing mixes. You can save time by purchasing the pack with this ready-for-show composition.

This composition is made of 5 layers: Foreground, Center, Sides, Background 01 & 02. You can simply trigger a whole column and get an immediate beautiful look or you can mix between different layers and combine looks to your taste – the possibilities are (almost) endless.

To get the composition choose Resolume Composition: Included when you purchase the pack.

Ok! This is where we take a step back – letting you purchase the pack, play it in your events and reap the fruits of those three months we invested in creating it. Go on and Amaze your audience!