This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is OccultBody, let it have you:

Available On Patreon

Occult Body consists of 12 VJ clips. Originally, our plan was to create three clips featuring the character with a specific background. However, we ended up including an additional nine clips with separated elements of the character and two backgrounds, giving you the flexibility to compose them as you like. The character clips showcase a static scene in the dark, revealed only by occasional lights, followed by a sequence depicting the character awakening to life, and concluding with the character manipulating an object. These clips are exclusively available to superfans on Patreon until the end of January.

The bonus Resolume Arena project (v7.15) leverages the nine elemental clips to create an evolving performance. It starts slow and dark, progressing into more rapid motion and intricate effect stacks and cloner arrays. Check the video overviewing the Resolume Arena project creation below to learn more.

Creation Process

OccultBody originated from the Demon Woman character purchased on cgtrader. I’ve had a longstanding desire to delve into character animation in Unreal Engine, and this creative endeavor challenged me to finally make it happen.

Initially, the character was intended to be compatible with the UE4 skeleton and control rig. However, when I applied the control rig, I encountered twisted hands. Despite unsuccessful attempts to resolve it, I sought help on Fiverr, hiring someone to rig it for me, ensuring compatibility with the UE5 skeleton and control rig.

Desiring to incorporate occult symbols behind the character, I used C4d and the cloner effector to create an occult mandala, which was then imported into Unreal Engine.

However, the next day, I reconsidered the occult theme and created a new design using lines and dots.

I also developed an object to complement this design.

After spending some time building an environment with a Fantastic Cave asset pack, I realized the focus should be on animating the character. VJs can benefit more from clips with a transparent background that they can compose themselves.

I animated the character in a new sequence by keying the control rig controls. The first clip starts with the character opening its hands, revealing the object and manipulating it. For the second clip, I changed the camera to a wider lens to exaggerate the size of the palms and had the character manipulate the object slightly.

Following feedback received on my Instagram Stories, I decided to offer both mandalas I created to VJs, allowing them to choose their preference and compose them in live performances.

Resolume Arena Project

Now that I’ve decided to provide both mandalas as separate elemental clips, there are many more options for compositing inside Resolume Arena. I began by creating accents of the reveals clip with different mandala backgrounds. I utilized the elemental character clips to duplicate it and created two copies from both sides of the composition. I used the radial cloner to generate arrays of the character with different backgrounds, among other techniques.

This project is exclusively given to you superfans along with the clips, with the hope that it can teach and inspire you to create your own projects in the future.

What's Next?

Now that I’ve delved into character animation in Unreal Engine, I have a couple of character-oriented rewards to explore.

Let me know your thoughts on incorporating characters into your performances. Feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or DM me on Patreon / Facebook / Instagram.

And if you haven’t joined as a superfan yet, perhaps it’s time to reconsider. We’re in for a wild ride in 2024 and beyond!