This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is NeonTrip, are you ready? Here we go:

Available On Patreon

NeonTrip is a set of six VJ clips, available in both 1080p and 2160p resolutions. The set comprises two tunnels, each with three clips: the long trip, the short trip (featuring just the neon part), and a sliding side-shot. It will be available to superfans on Patreon throughout December 31st.

Additionally, superfans will receive a bonus Resolume Arena project (v7.15) that organizes the clips on the deck, providing color variations, mirroring, and light flashes.

Creation Process

NeonTrip was created by building modular tunnels inside Unreal Engine with assets from the Chroma Laser Arena asset pack.

This asset pack contains modular units of 512×512 pixels that seamlessly connect together. Assembling the parts was fun; it felt like a puzzle game at times, only it had neons. Neons are fun.

Once I was happy with the built tunnel, I needed to make it loop: I harvested all of its meshes into a blueprint by selecting all the meshes and using Unreal’s menu: Convert Selection to Blueprint Class, then Harvest Components to collect these meshes into a Blueprint. I then created another copy of this blueprint and pushed it into the distance. I didn’t need to create further copies of the blueprint in the distance and then fade between them because I had a door that opens up (blocking the sight). There’s an awesome tutorial by pwnisher that covers the looping technique, in case you want further guidance.

I placed a camera on a new sequence and animated it to run inwards. I chose a 16mm lens because I love how the wide-angle lens looked and lowered the camera while giving it a slight tilt up because the tunnel looks bigger this way. Also, when people see the clips on a big screen, it’ll probably be higher than them, and the perspective will look right. I animated the door to slide down just when the camera was near it, and here it was: the first clip.

I then created another tunnel and repeated all the steps above to make it seamless.

Now that I had two tunnels and the reward was “standing,” I could get playful. For the next clip, I duplicated the first tunnel’s blueprint and deleted the door areas – keeping the neon parts only. This tunnel was shorter, so I adjusted its location for it to loop seamlessly. I then pointed the camera to the walls of the tunnel and animated the camera forward to create the sliding side-shot. I did this for the second tunnel as well.

I could’ve ended the reward here, but hey, I now had two shorter tunnels, so I might as well create short clips of just this short part facing forward, right? I placed the camera in the middle of the tunnel, facing forward (without the tilt) because I wanted it to look slightly different than the first clip and also to mirror perfectly. I did this for the second tunnel as well.

Rendering was done with the path tracer because one can trust the path tracer to render perfectly without any Lumen artifacts or light emission delays. Winbush explained how to render with the path tracer in this Introduction to Pathracing tutorial, in case you were wondering how to.

Creating The Deck In Resolume Arena

I purposely created the clips in a complementary color scheme (two opposite colors) because it’s a simple, not over-complicated-color-salad scheme and it’s easy to use Resolume Arena’s Hue Rotation effects to create adjacent colors by scaling down the Hue Scale parameter. I created a couple of color schemes for superfans to choose from easily, some light flashes with the levels effect, and a bit of mirroring effects because symmetry is always appealing.

What's Next?

I’ve been wanting to dive into characters for some time now; perhaps the next reward will be a good occasion to finally do just that?

Let me know if you have any feedback/ideas in an email to [email protected] or DM me on Patreon / Facebook / Instagram.

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