Using The Mask Mode On Resolume – A Live Tutorial

Hellow Visualizers! Watch this Facebook live-stream VJing Tutorial I did the other day – and learn how to use the Mask Mode inside Resolume v6 or v7. 

•• Update: you can now save time by downloading a Free Resolume v6 Composition with the Generated Masks already made! ••

You can dig the basic technique by watching the first 10-15 minutes, which after I reiterate the technique a few times to new viewers, show how to create some b&w masks using Sources, show some interesting Blend Modes and even drink a Russian Kompot.

Useful Time-stamps:

  • 01:48 I got Masks!
  • 07:23 Testing Blend modes.
  • 10:23 Creating a mask with a Radial Source.
  • 15:00 Reiterating the Mask technique.
  • 22:45 Creating a mask with a Line Scape Source.
  • 40:00 I get to drink a Russian Kompot (thank you, Nadya).
  • 45:00 Re-coloring with Recolor.
  • 52:50 Offsetting clips while in Blend Mode.
  • 57:00 Using two main colors. 
  • 1:00:00 Creating a variation of an existing mask.

Mixing 'Full Screen' Visuals

We are working on a new VJ pack – one that will be mostly made out of ‘Full Screen’ VJ loops. It’s a bit different than my tried-and-true way of making separate Elements, that can be mixed live with backgrounds and other supporting elements, and it’s exciting to change habits and try new things.

This VJ pack (code-name: Expanse) will be made of a few ‘Scenes’ or ‘Rooms’  where things happen inside of them. My workflow while creating VJ packs includes making a few test-loops and taking them into Resolume to test them out and see how they work together. While testing these, I found the Mask Mode in Resolume to be a really useful feature.

I’m planning on giving you each loop in two different materials – mixing between these materials can yield beautiful results, and applying effects on each of the different materials can yield totally different looks.

Why Live Tutorial?

I got so enthusiastic about the Mask Mode – that I HAD to share it with you, right away. It will take a while to complete the pack and record the whole tutorial that will show how to mix it. Meanwhile, you can watch this live stream video, incorporate this Mask Mode technique into your live shows – and Amaze more Crowds! 

Enjoy ))

​•• Update: you can now save time by downloading a Free Resolume v6 Composition with the Generated Masks already made! ••

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