Making the Steampunk Vision II VJ Pack – Part 3

•• You might wanna check Part 1 & Part 2 first ••

OK, here we go! Every creation must get released in order for the world to enjoy it. So, no more time to fiddle around and doing micro changes (ahhhm). 

The finals: 30 Core Loops and 30 Element Loops were born into this steamy world. Les’t have a look at the creation of some of them, then I’ll be off to converting, uploading and setting-up the pack’s page.

•• Update: Did that! The pack is live on our Shop: Steampunk Vision II ••

But first, check out the final state of:

"The Steampunk Vision II Puzzle"

New Core loops that were created include: Steampunk Seahorse, Pendulum, Steering Wheel & Mantel Clock. And new Element Loops such as: Leather Wings, Pipes, Gauge & Indicators.

Here’s a breakdown of three of these loops.

The Steampunk Seahorse

Seahorses are fascinating. The Greek Mythology even has a creature with the upper part of Horse and the lower part of a Fish, called Hippocampus. While researching about Seahorses, I found out that these tiny, laid-back, adorable creatures are actually lethal predators and, after swimming gently nearby their pray, they attack with an unbelievable speed. 😲

OK, so how does a Seahorse looks like in a Steampunk Fashion? One thing that immediately drew my attention was its protective & flexible Armour, made of separate parts that allow its flexibility. I wanted to give it a rounder shape that will make it more… charming, rather than spiky-scary.

I created each of its Vertebrate (and Spikes) in C4D using Circle Splines inside the Loft NURBS tool. Then, I switched to After Effects and using Elements 3D, imported the parts, then nested each Vertebrate inside the former one – to create a simple Rig (when one part moves it affects the connected parts). I then used Extruded Masks to create the Pectoral (upper) Fins, Dorsal (back) fin and a Tail Fin that I… invented. (who says that we should be confide by evolution, right?). Lastly, I added some Pipe Holes that would enable that Steam to be released.

The Mantel Clock

My grandfather had an antique clock on his work desk. It looked really respectful, but archaic, too. He had to wind it every now-and-then and I would look at him doing it with awe. Who would have thought that I will remember that clock and that a connection between it and the Steampunk World will be made in my brain? Mysterious are the ways of the memory. 

Clocks, gauges, meters, indicators – love ’em all. They all indicate of something happening in the background – and that’s never boring. While researching I found out that this device was called a Mantel Clock – as it was originally placed on the Fireplace Shelve (Mantel). In my mind a Gauge replaced the clock (as it would better visualize the beat) and to its sides there will be two Indicators – that monitor the activity from within the device.

The Mantel Clock was made entirely inside E3D. The body and gauge-hand are made of Extruded Mask Layers (with inner masks to create the cutouts). The rest of the parts (indicators, bolts, rings) are made of Primitive Shapes.

While extruding the shapes to create niches and interesting curves I realized that I could skip the niches whatsoever and make cutouts inside the device. I liked the fact that one can see through part of the device and that it could create an even-more interesting compositions. I did a short video of the two options and, with the Poll feature on my Instagram & Facebook Stories I asked you guys for your opinions. The poll ended up in a draw(!) so, I had to make the decision myself – and chose to go with the cutouts.

“Clocks, gauges, meters, indicators – love ’em all. They all indicate of something happening in the background – and that’s never boring.”

Steampunked Machine - Leather Wing Element

So, as I mentioned in the end of the 2nd part of this series, I would like to empower you, Visual Performer, to be able to create evermore interesting compositions and variations, right inside Resolume – and I found the Element approach to be really useful for that. In short: when I create the 3D models, I have parts of them that can have life of their own. I can, relatively easy,  export these parts as Elements and enable you to create some pretty intricate compositions, on the fly.

The Leather Wing Element (fake leather – no animals were harmed during the creation of this pack) is just a tiny part of the Seahorse Model – remember those Pectoral Fins from earlier? I focused on them, and made a single wing that flaps endlessly. Taking this Wing to Resolume, moving it around, Mirroring, Rotating, Scaling, Cloning etc, can yield some really funky results!

As in Reality, what, at first, might seem really easy is… relatively easy – once I realized that I could add a detail (or two) here, re-position the environment there, place the camera here (& there), export and test it in Resolume and refine it again. But looking at the big picture and realizing the possibilities that it opens for you in a live show is worth the extra mile.

Let’s wrap-up this update with another screen-cap showing how I Mix-test and Assemble a Steampunk Machine with the Wing, Gear, Flywheel etc. Music by the talanted Mr. Boris Brejcha, again.

A Breakdown of this Mix:

  • I start by triggering a Flywheel Element as Background (the flywheel is cross-duplicated with the Iterate effect & duplicated with the Flip effect).
  • I then add a Gear Machine Element (One Gear that’s re-positioned and duplicated with the Flip effect)  
  • I then add a Wing Element (re-positioned and duplicated with the Flip Effect) to match the Gear Machine Element
  • I then add a Steam Loop that alternates between steam from the right & steam from the left. 
  • Finally, when the scene is ready, I trigger various Center Elements such as the GyroButterfly FlightEqualizerClock Ball and a Gauge.

A fun way to use the Wing Element and other elements to create a Scene where a center element can shine.

OK, that’s it for this final update, I got stuff to do. Release date will be announced soon so… stay tuned!

•• Update: The pack has been released! Steampunk Vision II is (a)live.