Making the Steampunk Vision II VJ Pack – Part 2

•• You might wanna check Part 1 first ••

Half way there! About 20 Core loops and about 10 Element loops are exported in preview quality and I’m Mix-testing them to the sound of some Really Good Techno, on Resolume v6. (watch a short screen-capture of how I Mix-test at the end of this post)

But first, check out the current state of:

"The Steampunk Vision II Puzzle"

 New loops that were created include: The Steampunk Guitar, The Mechanic Octopus (Octopunk), a Ventilation Tunnel, The Infinity Clock, a Countdown Device, and Elements such as the Flywheel, some Gear arrays, and a Pipe’s background.

Here’s a breakdown of three of these loops.

The Steampunk Guitar

Some of you have told me that you used the original Steampunk Vision pack in… Rock Concerts. I love hearing these kind of surprising feedback – and it totally opened my imagination to new ideas. 

I guess the first inspiration for this look came while watching Mad Max: Fury Road. The guy that’s hanging there on the Truck and crushing it into those massive loudspeakers is Epic. This Steampunk Guitar is about to throw Steam instead of fire, though.

Created in After Effects – using Elements 3D, the guitar’s body is made of an Extruded Mask Layer (with inner masks to create the cutaways). The Leather cover and Knob’s plate are made of duplicated parts of the same mask. The Boilers and Gauge are made from primitive shapes, with fine details as the Fan and Tuners made in C4D and imported to E3D for final touches.

The Infinity Clock

What happens when you merge a Clock with a Tunnel? An Infinity Clock! Perfect for the background of our VJing composition (but not too-perfect to tell the current time), the clock is made of a giant Spiral, modeled in C4D, then taken to E3D, where the numbers and sliding clock-hands are added (using extruded texts & masks)

The purpose here is to make at least one party-goer, who stares at the screen, feel like he’s being sucked into this Infinite tunnel of time – and never come back out if it (the same as he was before). 

Steampunked Machine - The Piston

I’m fascinated by machines. It has something to do with them being very precise & very reliable – making them a great fit to the precise beats of Electronic Music. 

So, in this pack, I’m going to introduce you to a way to DIY Steamy-Beat-Machine, using Machine Elements. These Elements are built to work well together, and you can generate endless combinations by moving the parts around, cloning them & layering them together. 

This particular part – the Piston – is all about releasing that steam with a bang. Built mostly in E3D, I started with creating the general shape with primitives, then added parts and details that add character, with finally adding that somky-smoke that adds… Fantastic Realism? 

This Element is perfect to visualize the Bass-drop or Cymbals, depending on its formation and the timing when it’s triggered. Other Machine Elements would be: Flywheel, Handles, Boilers, Steam gouges, and more…

“I’m fascinated by machines. It has something to do with them being very precise & very reliable – making them a great fit to the precise beats of Electronic Music.”

And here’s a short screen-capture I recorded while Mix-testing the pack to Boris Brejcha’s Music. This one is a good example of creating a Steampunk Machine:

A Breakdown of this Mix:

  • I start by triggering a Background Element: a single, center Loudspeaker.
  • I then add a Flywheel element (this is just one flywheel that’s cross-duplicated with the Iterate effect, then mirrored).
  • I then add a Smoke Element (duplicated with mirror quad) below the flywheels – to give it some steam-power. 
  • Then comes the Hammers: this is a Core Loop that alternates two hammers that exhaust steam. 
  • finally, I add the Piston Element (re-positioned and mirrored) 

And this is just one of the many compositions you can make by being, well… creative.

OK, that’s it for this update, off I go to make the last 10 Core Loops and about 10 Element Loops that would close the pack. Some ideas I have are creating: a Sea horse (with steampunk wings), an Airship, Airship’s steering wheel, a Compass, and a Pendulum, among others.

If you have ideas for loops that would be a perfect fit to this look – tell me and I might make them happen! 

•• Update: You can continue reading Part 3 now, and… the pack has been released – watch a Live Mix Preview on the pack’s page: Steampunk Vision 2 ••