The Inspiration & first Images of the TEASE ME VJ Loops Pack

Inspiration for the new pack Tease Me came from watching the Chinese dance knows as 1000 Hands Dance. In the dance, a column of dancers is moving their hands, one after the other, in perfect sync – creating elaborate shapes. It’s hypnotizing to see and re-sparked in me the curiosity for the human body and the forms we can make by using it.

A quick research brought up an interesting activity: people who gather up and perform Human Mandalas by joining their bodies together. Fascinating.

Then, an image of French Cabaret Dancers, lit up in my mind. Seeing them lifting up their legs in a similar harmony to the Chinese dance had completed the seed for the Tease Me pack – It had to be sexy.

But there was an urge to refresh and to visualize the shift in music style & performance – from those traditional Chinese or French dances to our modern, Electronic Dance Music scene… What if the dancers will be futuristic Cyborgs? after all, they’re so precise – they can perform their dance in perfect harmony that hasn’t been seen before. But are Cyborgs sexy? I went to find out…

Here are some sample frames from the video loops, click the images to see high resolution previews.

“are Cyborgs sexy? I went to find out… “

That’s all folks, enjoy these first previews as we prepare for the release. 

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