Creating a Heart-Shaped Array Inside Resolume Arena (Valentine’s Special)

One of my favorite activities is to just open Resolume and play around with clips and effects to see what comes up. In one of these sessions I accidently created the shape of a heart and, oh my, was I excited about it.

In this tutorial you will learn exactly how I created it, as well as the improvements to it that I developed since.

I hope the techniques in this tutorial will prove useful to you in your Valentine’s events and beyond.

Stacking Effects

I’m demonstrating the technique on a clip out of the Art Deco pack, but you can create the same effect with your existing clips. It works best with elongated shapes – similar to the clip I’m using.

The basic look can be achieved by stacking the Radial Cloner effect, then Transform and closing is the Mirror effect. The secret lies in using the Radial Cloner in Fan mode along with tweaking the start rotation.

I urge you to form a habit of opening Resolume and trying to come with new looks and techniques. Hours of fun guarantied.

And when you find an interesting technique share it with me, please. I’m looking forward to your email at [email protected]