There’s a Giant Toy Robot on the screens!

I love Robots. When I was a kid I had a Toy Robot… I think. Or maybe I just wanted to have a Toy Robot? Anyways, now I have one.

“And then, one day (it was raining) I was ready. I sat to the computer and started modeling”

It all started when I had a vision of a giant Toy Robot doing crazy stuff on a huge screen behind the DJ. You know, like dancing in a funny robotic way while throwing elbows allover, or doing some hard-core head-banging to the rhythm, or stomping along with the bass drum, you get the idea, right?

To sharpen up my memory I went over to Pinterest and started looking for Toy Robot images. I found quite a few: Japanese ones, Metallic or Plastic, Vintage, illustrated… you name it. (Watch the Pinterest board here) The pieces had started arranging in my mind: it had to have antennas on its head, a game-like console belly with lots of buttons, and the colors: they had to be strong, unrealistic in a way – to pop up from the screens and to work well with different club light setups.

I “cooked” the idea for some time in my mind… Imagining how it will look and what will it be capable of doing. And then, one day (it was raining) I was ready. I sat to the computer and started modeling, at first with just plain boxes, to get the proportions right. Then I  started adding the little details that add character. All along the first hour or so of the modeling, I had these moments of uncertainty: what the hell am I doing? It doesn’t even look good. And why the hell would anyone be interested in a Giant Toy Robot? But discarding these inner voices is a learned trade. I know these voices are part of my inner resistance (learned from the excellent book The War Of Art) and that inner resistance symptoms are actually a good sign – I’m doing something that I really desire to do, something that is so important to my development as an artist and that if only I continue modelling, slowly but surely it will look better and better. And so it did.

I’m sharing with you some images of the modeling process. You might enjoy a “behind the scenes” look – to see how these visuals begin, or you might be trying to create visual content yourself – and struggling in the process (hearing inner voices, anyone?)

Enjoy! 🙂