First Previews of the Future Tribe VJ Pack

The Inspiration - Ancient Tribes

Inspiration for the new pack Future Tribe stroke me while I was contemplating about the art and technology of those ancient tribes, (cause no matter where You are from – We all came from a relatively small group of people) We can call them our ancestors.

How Would Their Art Look Today?

How would their creations look nowadays – if they had the tools and technology we have today? If they would party big time – in huge electrifying festivals instead of around the campfire – how would it look? What symbols would be sacred? What patterns and textures would they use? What substances would those futuristic Shamans use and how will it effect the crowd?

Futuristic Tribes

These are some of the questions that rove in my mind while I set down to my silicone temple – doing computerized modern rituals to bring-in these ancient muses – and here is the start of what is coming out of it. Have a look, are these images echoing in your collective tribal DNA’s? Do you remember them from the future?

“I set down to my Silicone Temple – doing computerized modern rituals to bring-in these Ancient Muses”

Hang on to your Walkie-Talkies and expect more updates as I make progress in creating the pack

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