Free Stripe VJ Loop From The Art Deco Pack

•• Download it on our Free Sample Loops page  ••

We’re releasing the first Sample loop from the upcoming Art Deco pack! This is ArtDeco_10_Stripes and it’s a really useful one. Here’s a preview:

Download It Now

Download it on our Free Samle Loops page. You get it in 1080p, DXV or HAP w/ Alpha transparency, and @60fps (so you could slow it down and still maintain a decent frame rate)

Watch A Tutorial

We prepared a Resolume Tutorial – showing you how to take this (seemingly innocent) loop and create many variations out of it. Oh, and below the Tutorial you’ll have a link to download that Resolume Composition file and have all of these variations in no-time. 

Making This VJ Loop

Watch how this loop was made – as seen on our Instagram Story.

Get into the Classy Art Deco groove as we are preparing for the release, in about 10 days, or so. 🤞

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