Free Samoan VJ Loops From The Expanse Pack

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Free VJ Loops! This time 2 samples from the Expanse VJ pack – in 1080p 60fps, and in DXV or HAP codecs.

Both of them are from the Samoan Scene. The first one is the Samoan Mask Element.

Here’s a preview:

The second clip is another Element – The Ring. These rings are in perpetual motion towards the viewers.

Here’s a preview of this clip:

Serving Suggestion

You can place these two clips in two different layers (the Samoan Mask above the Samoan Ring), and get this result:

Making More Variations

I made a whole Tutorial showing you how I create the Samoan Deck for this pack – watch it to get more ideas on what variations you can create with these 2 Free VJ Loops.

Ok, enjoy these Free Samoan VJ loops, along with the Free Yantra VJ loops – and Amaze them crowds!