Free Oblivia VJ Clip

•• Download it on our Free Sample Loops page ••

After the release of the Oblivia reward on Patreon, there was still a big unanswered question: where do the stairs lead to? This clip begins to provide an answer. Check it out:

Once we have completed the laborious process of creating a 3D scene, we can “capture” it from various angles. When we release a VJ clip reward, there may be some interesting angles left on the editing room floor. So here’s another shot: a camera in a dolly-in motion, followed by a dolly-out to ensure seamless looping.

The hall where Oblivia is placed is filled with volumetric fog. When compressing the clip in the DXV codec using normal settings, the delicate fog appears terrible, with noticeable banding around the flickering core. However, rendering it in DXV with the high-quality settings resolves this issue, albeit resulting in a much larger file. Just thought you should know.

•• Update: the complete reward is available now as part of the Dark Altar VJ pack ••

If you’re interested in obtaining the other 10 Oblivia clips, consider joining our Patreon Community as a superfan. You’ll receive this VJ clip reward and a new one every month. Oblivia will be available until July 30th, 2023.

Here’s a short video summarizing the creation process of Oblivia in Unreal Engine 5 & Resolume Arena. Should I fully commit to recording VJ content creation tutorials in Unreal Engine next? I wonder.

I hope this free Oblivia clip will assist you in creating awe-inspiring experiences for your audience. Keep amazing them! 🤘