Free Loudspeakers VJ Loop of the Steampunk Vision II Pack

We’re giving you this Free Loudspeaker VJ Loop (along with two Loudspeaker Elements) and hope it’ll blow some Fresh Subwoofer Air 💨 Into you Live Visual Shows.

Download it on our Free Sample Loops Page.

And here’s a short video showing you some variations and compositions that can be made inside Resolume – just with these Two Element Loops(!).

A Breakdown of this Mix:

Resolume v.6.0 presented the Envelope Animation feature that adds much more control over the effect parameters – much like a Timeline in an Editing Software (only here we are doing it live! Yay :)) 

So, instead of the basic Ease-in & Ease-out, that were the only option in Resolume v.5.0, we have now a plethora of options – from Quadratic to Exponential to Bounce and on. But the main feature for me is the option to add points along the Envelope Timeline and create complex animations – animations that once must have been pre-rendered – are now easily-made inside Resolume, and that was the trigger for my epiphany of giving you more of the raw Element Loops to play around with.

I will show how I use the Envelope Animation Timeline in the upcoming Steampunk Vision II Tutorial, but for now, if you are curious to know what effects I used in this case, here they are:

  • Transform – to Move the elements around.
  • Flip – to Mirror the Elements I moved, in order to create a symmetric appealing look.
  • Scale – to Bounce the Elements to the beat. 
  • Opacity – to Fade-in & Fade-out an Element when its Entering & leaving the screen. 
  • Iterate – to Duplicate an Element and create an array. 
  • Radial Cloner – to Duplicate the Elements in a Half/Complete Circle. 
  • More Transform – to Re-position again the elements after I manipulated them.
  • More Flip – you get the idea, right?

The Steampunk Vision II VJ loops Pack is available for sale now! It only took 7 months this time, Yo! 😉 So, if you’ve been Following the Making-of of this pack you know exactly what you’re getting – go to the Pack’s Page and grab it now. 30 Core loops and 30 Element Loops are waiting for you to create an Extravagant, Steamy world of – in your next Live Visuals Show.

Next on my list is recording a Kick-ass Live Demo Mix on Resolume that will show off the pack – and will be added to the pack’s page as preview.

“The Steampunk Vision II VJ loops Pack is available for sale now! It only took 7 months this time, Yo! 😉 “

We’re planing on giving two more Core Loops (and their Element Loops) as Free Sample VJ Loops… I wonder, which ones will they be?

Boom that Bass!