Free InnerBeats VJ Clip

•• Download it on our Free Sample Loops page •• 

After we released the InnerBeats reward on Patreon, featuring a robot’s head animated in several styles, I still felt we had a jewel that we hadn’t fully uncovered – the robot’s eye. Check it out:

I’m drawn to eyes. I can’t help it. I’m magnetized by them. When I started creating the InnerBeats reward, I intentionally kept the poly-count high so I could have extreme closeups of the eyes.

To expose more of the parts that assemble the eye, I removed a couple of parts that were covering the eye area. Additionally, I animated the pupil and cornea to rotate opposite to the eye’s movement. And of course, chose carefully what parts will flash to what beats. I’m glad I made this extreme close-up shot happen.

You can download it from our Free Sample Loops page. You’ll receive it in 2160p & 1080p, in DXV codec 30fps.

•• Update: the complete reward is available now as part of the Metaverser VJ pack ••

If you are interested in the complete InnerBeats reward, which consists of 9 VJ clips, please note that it is only available through May 2023 by becoming a superfan on Patreon.