Free Gothic VJ Loop from the Expanse Pack

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Another Free Sample Loop! This time from the Gothic scene of the Expanse VJ pack. Here’s a preview:

A Breakdown of this Loop:

This loop has a beaming light that appears in different areas of the scene (while the scene’s objects move, too). Each Expanse scene has this kind of loop – It’s purpose is to create mystery and perhaps disorient the viewers a bit – by going to pitch black and illuminating the scene each time from a different angle – amplifying the depth illusion with loooong shadows.

Download is 1080p 60fps DXV / HAP Alpha Codecs.

Because it’s 60fps you can slow it down and have it mysterious of speed it up and have is frenetic. Experiment ))

Enjoy this Free VJ loop and shake your viewers in a good way ))

If you wanna see how this loop looks in action – check the Expanse In Action post.

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