Free Blades VJ Loop From The Art Deco Pack

•• Download it on our Free Sample Loops page  ••

We’re releasing the Second Sample loop from the upcoming Art Deco pack. This is ArtDeco_32_Blades and it’s a really majestic one. Here’s a preview:

Download It Now

Download it on our Free Samle Loops page. You get it in 1080p, DXV or HAP w/ Alpha transparency, and @60fps (so you could slow it down and still maintain a decent frame rate)

Watch A Tutorial

We prepared a Resolume Tutorial – showing you how to take this loop and create perfectly tiled backgrounds – where the tiles a re delaying to create a wave pattern. Plus, you can download that Resolume Composition file and have the tiling effect stack on your machine in no-time.

Are you already realizing how Luxurious & Spectacular your show will look by using this pack? Hold on as we prepare for the release in 4 days! 🤞